Trust Life Settlements – We Represent You!

Committed to serving our clients, Trust Life Settlements helps you discover the unrealized market value of your life insurance policy. Working with various institutional brokers, funders, and investors who buy life insurance policies, we get you the most value out of your life insurance policy in the most efficient and effective manner.

Since the needs and goals vary from one individual to the next, our company partners with you to achieve the results you want. We navigate through the fine details of life settlements so you don’t have to – giving you peace of mind to focus on the things that matter most. As our top priority, we represent you with the utmost degree of compassion and professionalism throughout the entire life settlement process.

Trust Life Settlements Solution

Crucial to the life settlement process, we understand the importance of choices – especially in times of great need. Occasionally, individuals may outgrow the need for their coverage. Other times, a premium simply becomes too expensive. At Trust Life Settlements, we take the time to educate and provide you with choices regarding your life settlement options. We advise you about all aspects of life settlements and recommend solutions that fit your needs. Our proven efforts help you fund long-term care, supplement retirement, pay down debt, or retain a portion of your coverage while lowering or eliminating premiums.

Unlike other life settlement companies, Trust Life Settlements offers a flat fee structure*. To steer clear from high commission structures, we partner with entities that honor a flat fee arrangement for clients who qualify. Our flat fee solution takes the guessing game out of the life settlements process which means you go home with a larger amount of your funds. Get as much from your policy as possible and use it for the most important things in your life.

At Trust Life Settlements, we put you on the best path to reach your goals. It’s time to enjoy what’s yours. See if you qualify for a life settlement today!


*Flat fee structure applicable for individuals who qualify. Subject to certain terms and conditions. Other solutions available to those who do not meet flat fee structure qualifications. Contact Trust Life Settlements for additional information related to the flat fee structure.