Welcome to Trustly, the place where friends help friends get jobs, through information sharing and verified referrals. The idea for this company came to the one of the founders, Alex Ren, after he was unexpectedly laid off from his job after being in the industry for over ten years. He tried recruiting firms and applying directly to jobs posted online but he couldn’t even get an interview. Many middle and senior positions aren’t publicly advertised, so he had to use friends to find out about these “hidden” jobs and to stand out from the crowd. He realized then how important his social network was to his  professional career.

Even though everyone agrees that it’s an essential part of the job search, most people cringe when they hear the word “networking.” They think the process is inauthentic and self-serving, with random people attending large events and going through the motions of interacting, just so they can find someone who will benefit them.

But networking doesn’t have to be this way! It can be genuine and reciprocal if your professional network is based on true friendship. With Trustly, we hope to show you how easy it can be to reach out to your personal social network to make professional connections and end the misconceptions about networking. Our mission is to help people connect with one another in relevant and meaningful ways, but more specifically, to also help employees become happier by matching them with jobs that they they didn’t even know existed. By creating a way to let people discover new people and new business opportunities, the team at Trustly hopes to blur the boundaries between personal and professional communities.