Trust Mediation provides three distinct services.  The services include:

1)  Mediation (Family, Divorce, Commercial, etc...)
2)  Immigration Assistance
3)  Business Development Services

We help our clients find alternatives to protracted, expensive, litigated divorce.  Our clients can expect the following:

(1) Plan, anticipate and prepare you for any unexpected financial, real estate, tax and emotional blowback;
(2) Facilitate talks with your spouse and family before, during and after divorce avoiding confrontation and violence;
(3) Address the issues most important to you, in a written memorandum, to reduce friction during the divorce process;
(4) Reduce your legal fees by 75% of protracted litigation cost;
(5) Protect your privacy with our confidential service.

We also help our clients adjust their immigration status in the United States.  Our clients can expect the following:

(1) Identify key issues to handle your immigration needs;
(2) Explain all options available to you;
(3) Provide you with experienced assistance to accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently.
(4) Periodically host immigration seminars to keep clients informed of the latest news and changes in the law.

Furthermore, we help our clients with a variety of business services.  Our clients expect the following:

Professional Business Services

Trust Mediation is dedicated to educating, encouraging and empowering communities to utilize alternative methods of conflict resolution to resolve issues out-of-court, confidentially, on your schedule, without bias, and best of all without the unnecessary exorbitant cost of legal fees common in litigation.

Our commercial mediation service will have the following key features:

•Negotiation of payment plans with creditors to reduce debt and increase revenue;
•Avoidance of litigation, judgments, liens and wage garnishments;
•Reorganization of your business structure to avoid tax and personal liability;
•Financial strategy and business plan review to strengthen your business;
•Business network expansion to locate funding and increase net worth, for example, connect to business abroad;
•Avoid collection to strengthen business relationships and increase cash flow.

Let us show you how we can save you time and money.  We love helping business owners do what they do best, instead of wasting time and money figuring out what a professional should address about your business.  We offer competitive, flexible rates for our services and we give our customers a choice of whether to pay as they go or pay a monthly rate for services year round!  Contact us:  (862) 233-6228  www.trustmediation1.com