TRU-VuMonitors brings you the best LCD monitors available today.  Available in a wide range of sizes, our standard LCD displays, Sunlight Readable monitors, touch screen monitors, medical displays and mobile monitors utilize industrial-grade components and Class-A LCD panels to ensure exceptional image quality and robust, long-term performance.  Our custom LCD monitors enable you to specify the features, size and performance you need in a LCD display monitor in order to meet all of your application requirements. TRU-Vu Monitors can provide the rugged LCD monitor you need at a price you can afford.

TRU-Vu provides medical displays and medical touch screens for use in hospitals and in a wide range of medical systems, on hospital carts and in operating rooms. TRU-Vu also provides Sunlight Readable displays for use outdoors for digital signage, outdoor advertising, sports stadiums, vehicles, and more. TRU-Vu can provide modified or customized monitor and touch screen solutions for the price of competitors’ off-the-shelf solutions. Let the TRU-Vu team help provide you the best possible display solution to meet all of your needs.