Truxx was formed in June 2015 by founder and CEO Carlos Suarez. The company was conceived because Carlos found that he and many people that he knew would need to rent a truck several times a year to move or purchase items that were too big to fit in the back of his small car. The concept of the sharing economy was the driver for Truxx. Truxx is the first service that offers peer to peer pickup truck and van sharing for the purpose of moving objects on the east coast. The Truxx mobile app allows customers to get a vehicle on demand with a few taps on a smart phone. You can also access a vehicle in advance using the Truxx  website www.truxxit.com. Truxx drivers are local truck or van owners who have been thoroughly screened before they are allowed to join the Truxx platform.  Truxx  drivers earn money using their own vehicles and lending a hand to people in their communities who need their help.