Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority is a Multistate organization which supplies and provides mission-critical public safety services, special police services, advanced protective security and armed guard services, court and judicial services, and related law enforcement and emergency services for and on behalf of public and private sector markets. Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority is most frequently referred to simply as TSE (not to be confused with TSA); and is a progressive, privately held regional authority, protecting and serving across the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

TSE was formally established on September 1, 2009, in Barboursville, West Virginia; following several years of detailed and in-depth research.

Today, TSE provides services to five geographically distinct tri-state regions, and state-wide across ten states. A cornerstone of our identity is exceeding the expectations and requirements of our partners, clients, and communities we serve; delivering extraordinary solutions in the most challenging of times.

As a single source supplier of life-safety, security, and law enforcement solutions; TSE sharply contrasts traditional security guard companies and law enforcement service vendors who provide limited and unprofessional services – oftentimes escalating liabilities and situations.