The Beginning
Brendan Kennedy, has been successfully supplying customers in some of the most demanding industries with specialist repair and maintenance products since 2003. Because many clients were involved with drilling hardened steel and stainless steel the need for a superior metal drill bit was an ongoing request. As a result In 2010 Brendan started testing and evaluating drill bits from all over the world. Then in 2014 a drill bit was eventually approved and ‘TTP HARD drills’ went on sale. It soon became evident that the problem in drilling hardened metal was a global one. Consequently in 2015 TTP HARD drills Limited, a company focused solely on supplying the best drill bits for metal was established.

TTP HARD drills – the “best drill bits for metal”
The goal of TTP HARD drills limited is to supply the best drill bits for metal to our existing and new customers. Our company values drive all of our activities, they are
Focus on our customers
Strive for excellence in everything we do
Innovate and continuously improve
Grow our brand and our business

Product Range
Drill bits for metal:
We offer own brand TTP HARD cobalt drill bits designed for drilling stainless steel and other harder metals with ease.
Cobalt drill bits are available in either metric sizes from 1mm to 13mm or Imperial sizes from sizes 1/16” to 1/2”. Both ranges are sold in either individual sizes options or in cobalt drill bit sets.  

Cutting paste:
CUT-IT is a professional grade cutting compound which can be used for the cutting of any metal. Ideal as a drilling lubricant ‘CUT-IT’ has been developed for the efficient drilling of any metal. It lubricates and assists in controlling heat build up thereby prolonging the life of the cutting tool.

Testing & Certification
We believe in transparency and so we commissioned two of the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies to test our cobalt drill bits for hardness and our cutting paste for ability to resist extreme pressure.
Cobalt drill bits
SGS conducted a Hardness check to BS EN ISO 6508-1:2016 using the Vickers testing method.
We have the video and certificate results available for viewing.
Metal cutting paste
SFS Subsea Fluid Services were commissioned to carry out the Falex Load Test in accordance with ASTM D 3233-93. This is the standard test method for measurement of extreme pressure properties of fluid lubricants (Falex Pin and Vee Block Method).
The test was run with a test load of 1,300lb for 30 minutes, the result was that even under such pressure CUT-IT paste was still lubricating well.
We have the video and certificate results available for viewing.