We are a bunch of guys and some girls who love to play table tennis at one of our members backyard. Ewen, is the owner of a small sport equipment shop and of course he does sell table tennis products in the shop. Even though we are not of any professional player that can master the skill darn well, but we do enjoy playing the game very much.

There are a lot of joys and fun and table tennis not just make us get together and hang out at the same place whenever we are free, it also a sport that keep us healthy especially for some of our members who are busy and barely have time to do any exercise in their daily life.

We setup this site with the passion of trying to share with you the information of all table tennis products that Ewen is acknowledge of so that you can get some ideas before you go and buy any table tennis products.

We do update the site from time to time and hopefully you will come to visit the site often.