TUBBR is a place to showcase your stories and collaborate with people on things you love. It's a Personal Social Network and should not be mistaken with Private Networks, but taking it beyond.

Said that TUBBR aims to bring 'relevance' back into your social networks. As we do it, our key focus is to make it as personal as possible, evolve it right from 'YOU' and give you the complete control over what you want to see and with whom you want to share.

TUBBR can be used personally, as an influencer and to engage within communities via segregated timelines.
The only platform that lets you share stories via Collaborated Timelines. Co-Create Timelines with people of your choice. Be it personal things you do among your friends and create stories which you want to keep within your closed group itself or you can further showcase stories on your hobbies, interests or events by creating public walls.

As a Content Creator, TUBBR gives you an opportunity to go creative while showcasing your work and push more content on specific passions & interests for users to follow basis their interest. Hence, build a better connect with your audience.