TuffClassifieds is a new Free Classified Site which enable visitor to post their ads online with ease and with bunch of features.Find Anything For Everything is definitely a perfect place to advertise our services or stuffs due to the fact the simplicity concept which TuffClassifieds adopts.

However, within this simple looking classified site, there are quite a numbers of impressive features that have been integrated which are worth mentioning and being fully utilized by the users of this classifieds site.

They are:

Simple Submission System

The process of submitting advertisements has been optimized in ensuring the time taken in publishing those advertisements is minimal. What visitor need to do in publishing their advertisements is register with TuffClassifieds and a password will be sent straight away to visitor's email within seconds and then hit the Post a Classified button.

This is part which makes this site a step ahead. The submission form will appear in the same page – we do not have to wait for the new submission page to load.

Classified Editing System

With this system, Visitor can edit their advertisements as long as it is active. Just go to advertisements panel by clicking the dashboard button which is located at the top right hand side.

It will bring users to their advertisements panel and they can click on the edit button to edit their advertisements. they can also pause their active advertisements from the advertisements panel.

Cost of Submission

The best part of this site is although it is filled with user friendly and impressive functions which can be costly to develop, visitor can submit their advertisements for free of charge.

In case, If they want to have the maximum exposure of their advertisements, they can simply select the Featured Listing box. User will be charge for only 1$ for the advertisements that will be first seen by the TuffClassified’ visitors as the advertisements will be highlighted in yellow and listed at the top of our home page.

Payment Facilities

Currently TuffClassified.com accept PayPal as it is the most convenient and hassle free way to make payments online.

Google Map Integration

In order to help user to give maximum impact and optimized their advertisements, user's advertisements can be integrated automatically with their location. What they need to do is just to put proper address for the Google Map to detect and trace it.

Ad Visitor Counter

For some of us, knowing the amount of people who views their advertisement can assist them in post-editing process. TuffClassifieds has a function that let user to know about how many daily and all-time visitors on each specific classified advertisement which can be handy for user.

We are competing ourselves to integrate many new features in Tuffclassified which gave our user maximum exposure.