Tuition Hope LLC. is a company I (Trevor J. Brown) created from an original idea I had a year ago, while trying to figure out how I was going to pay for my College Education. Within the year I created TuitionHope.com which is a platform for children, teens, and adults to be able to create campaigns to raise money for their individual Tuition and Qualified Educational Expenses, through Crowdfunding. Tuition Hope is dedicated to giving Equal Opportunity to every person in the United States, and eventually other Parts of the world. Through our website we allow children, teens, and adults to create a profile and start a campaign which raises funds from donors around the world as anyone may be a donor or a "sponsor" as we refer to them. Accounts for children under 13 are managed by their parents, and anyone over 13 can manage and start their own campaign, within the time that these campaigns run, usually a year or more the beneficiaries must open up a 529 College Savings Plan with a broker in their state. After the Student or Future Student's campaign is finished Tuition Hope deposits 90% of the funds raised into that beneficiaries 529 College Savings Plan, which can later be used for Qualified Educational Expenses mainly tuition. We are dedicated to the people of the United States and not only hope to give students an added edge for their education, but also take a bite out of the piling national student debt.