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Cancun Airport Transfers Company, Tucan–Kin Makes Environment a Top Priority.

Tucan Kin a transportation company providing Cancun airport transfers has issued a statement in which the board committed to make the environment considerations a top priority in all decisions made by the company. They say that they will announce shortly a series of concrete measures to reduce the company’s impact on the environment.

Tucan Kin was founded in 2005 in order to provide a comfortable and affordable airport transfer service from Tulum to Cancun Airport. It has since developed in two branches:
-Private Transfers, dedicated to the most exigent clientele providing transportation services to or from Cancun Airport to any hotel or destination in the Yucatan Peninsula 24/7.
-Cancun Airport Shuttle Shared Service to and from Tulum and Akumal area, with certain schedules. This is an affordable and comfortable service, as the shuttle doesn’t stop between Cancun Airport and the Tulum area.

The company board issued this morning a statement after weeks of consideration in which the future policy of the company was discussed. The subjects around the table were centered in the choice of vehicle for the renovation and expansion of the fleet and other issues such as the rise in the company emissions as it’s fleet grows. The board agreed that the grow in the company fleet is a direct consequence of the growing demand for transportation in the Cancun area, and that there for the rise in emissions will go on with or without the company increasing it’s fleet. The statement then added that what was indeed responsibility of the company, was to make sure that maximum passengers would be transported with a minimum environmental impact. The statement also said that the environment would be a top priority consideration in any decision. The board insisted on the fact that the transportation industry was not using enough recently developed technologies, and that the incorporation of those was a key issue in tackling global warming.
They then added that Tucan Kin will launch an analysis in all branches of the company to propose concrete measures in order to reduce the impact per passenger, and that the choice of vehicle for their new acquisitions will have to respond to all this new set of parameters.
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