Just finished cutting a new recording and need to find the right person to make it promotable?

The hard work of writing your songs and bringing the right band mates or harmonies together to make them sound as they appeared in your mind might be all for naught if you have yet to connect with a reliable producer.

TuneOrg might just be the instrument to create that link.
A new social network designed to connect music artists with producers and recording engineers, TuneOrg allows users to create profiles as either an artist or producer detailing information such as online presence and music background.

Profiles can be viewed by both members and non-members of TuneOrg and contain links to biography information, skills, photos, web links, and music. Connections play a key role in breaking into the music scene and TuneOrg aims to kick-start musical projects that can launch careers in the industry.

The founders of TuneOrg envision a platform to provide as much help to individuals committed to making a living in a challenging music industry.

“We created this site in the hopes that it will help musicians, producers, and engineers of all levels network with each other to further their careers in the industry,” says founder Landon Ouyang. “Behind all popular and great music there is a team. With TuneOrg, you will be able to put together your team to make your music dreams come true.”

Along with standard social network features – status updates, uploading photos, sharing links – users can also upload songs, create blog postings and search for collaborators based on instruments played, skillset and location. Users can additionally participate in discussion forums related to the music industry and post or respond to job requests in an online jobs board.
The site is free to join.

Landon Ouyang