TurboBuyer was designed to help users search quicker and more effectively decide which items they would like to purchase in a visual fashion. On TurboBuyer.com, users can search for items like sporting goods, electronics, clothing, antiques, real estate, and pet supplies to name a few. With such a large number of listings, eBay features almost any product a person could fathom, but some shoppers have only a vague idea of what they would like stating, “I’ll know it when I see it.” When this occurs, shoppers can find themselves spending hours scrolling through countless listings and clicking endless thumbnails on eBay and never finding what they want. Some may even venture on other sites like Pinterest for ideas, thus wasting even more time scrolling through items to pin and following those external links. TurboBuyer has set out to get shoppers to their desired item in a short time with blazing results.