Turningstones Media is a full service media firm located in Houston, Texas. We are focused on providing small businesses, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals,with beautiful Web design and marketing solutions.

Turningstones Media aims to be transparent during all media and marketing services through education, consultation, design, marketing, and training. We help you understand the knowledge behind your designs, technology, and marketing all while creating beautiful media–no smoke and mirrors here!

Turningstones Media was started in 2011 by CEO and Directing Manager, Liz Robinson, though it was not intended to be a Web design and marketing firm–Turningstones Media was a media start-up company which included several Website ventures.

However, demand for Web design/development and marketing  formed a new structure of Turningstones Media, and the start-ups have since been branched out. In this way, Turningstones Media also serves as an umbrella company for many media, marketing and sales ventures, including: world-class nutritional supplements, telecommunication services, home goods and apparel, and mobile applications.