Turning Teen was created by two pediatricians (and mothers!) to help parents have conversations with their children about sensitive topics: bodies, puberty & sexuality. Our programs were created to fill an unmet need in our community to educate young girls about their bodies. As doctors, we provide age appropriate, medically accurate information in an engaging and relaxed manner. We know that t​he attitude that girls have about their bodies when they are young will influence them throughout their lifetime. We strive to initiate a healthy dialogue between parent and child early; allowing conversations to continue as your child grows.
Turning Teen helps make this seemingly overwhelming stage of life manageable, understandable and even fun!
Three different workshops are currently offered for girls ages 8­ - 14, covering the topics of male and female anatomy, the physical and emotional changes related to puberty, how to care for a girl’s changing body, and reproduction. Future programs will be geared toward boys and their bodies.
Not only does Turning Teen want to help teens understand and feel good about their bodies, but we want to help parents survive puberty....for the second time!