TV soaps have become a rage these days and huge numbers of people like to watch them online. These shows are shown on TV and they are also accessible online. Huge numbers of people have started watching them online and like to discuss them with other fans. Many times people searching for a specific episode lookout for sites where they can access the site and watch their favourite episodes. There are many forums where they can discuss about this and find the links for these episodes. One of the forums that helps people discuss about their favourite TV soaps is UK TV shows. Most of the people here discuss about the UK TV shows and like to predict about whats going to happen in the next episode. They also discuss and react on the things that happened in the previous episodes.

One of the shows that has been trending and many people watch is Eastenders. There are many threads that have been started for the soap and people have been discussing about the lives of David, Masood and Carol. The car lot incident with David is being discussed where he notices something mysterious by watching the CCTV footage. People can start any thread of their choice and start discussions about the incidents taking place in these serials. Its interesting to have an online community that can keep people busy and interact about different serials. People start debates about what they like or hate about specific serials and try to predict what they could probably be seeing in the near future in the serial.

One of the other serials that has been a hot topic is coronation street and this serial tends to be very famous among the UK viewers. Huge numbers of people have been searching about the serial online and watch the episodes in different websites. The viewers like to start discussions about the abduction of Maddie, Andrea’s illness and the date between Dev and Stella. Most of these serials tend to be from the UK region and the viewers have been discussing about this almost from the starting phase of the serial. The science fiction TV program Doctor Who is being debated by many people and it shows some interesting incidents about the adventures of a doctor.

This program can also prove to be helpful for the writers of the serials. They can have a look at the reactions of the fans in the threads and plan out the next episode in an appropriate manner. It would provide them with an interesting platform like tvmum to read into their viewer’s minds.

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