TV Armor is a family operated business based in central NJ. Business started in 2008 when a friends son threw a toy firetruck through their new plasma TV. Owners Tom and Andrea came up with a solution to protect televisions without diminishing the picture quality. Starting in a garage, the TV Armor Screen Protector was born. 7 years into business now, they operate out of a 7,000 sq ft facility in Jackson, NJ. Tom and Andrea have come up with other solutions to protect TV's and displays in a variety of applications. One of their most popular products is the TV Armor Enclosure, which is custom built for each client to protect monitors from extreme force, theft, and in some cases weather. Other products are the TV Armor Detention Enclosure, a more rugged version of the standard enclosure with a fixed depth, and the newest Econo-Closure, a cost-effective solution to enclose a monitor. All products have been designed by Tom and tested in their facility, and all products are manufactured here in the US.