Tweedle Press uses earth-friendly materials to create stylish, quirky paper goods: a full-service design, papermaking, and letterpress print shop. Letterpress is one of the oldest forms of printing, and has not been used on a commercial basis since the introduction of offset printing. The presses themselves, giant behemoths made of cast iron and gears, aren’t even made anymore. It’s a matter of will and determination to find them, restore them, learn to print with them, and maintain them. The results, however, are definitely worth the effort.

Nina Interlandi Bell, the owner and creative mind behind Tweedle Press, is a life-long lover of all things self-designed, crafted, and paper-driven. Her love of artistic creation goes all the way back to imagining and designing original fonts in high school notebooks. Her experience takes many forms, some of them a bit (healthily) crazy – tattoo designs, cartoon characters [in old comic strips], rock band fliers, Halloween displays, and even a painted wooden sign above a childhood haven for secret meetings [The Groovy Doods]. After having her wedding invitations letterpress printed several years ago, Nina discovered a passion. She prides Tweedle Press in being a very personal venture. Personal with a punch. Nina will look you in the eye and tell you what she is capable of; she will listen to what you want and take it into the utmost consideration; she will take your quirky and elegant personality and print it into something dedicated and visible.

How is a letterpress printed piece different from one that comes out of a laser printer? Well, they’re really more like individual works of art. For each print, a plate is inked with rollers, the paper is placed by hand into the press, cranked to imprint against the image, and then trimmed to size. If a print requires more than one color, the press is cleaned, re-inked, and another pass is done using the same piece of paper. The result is a much more tactile experience. When you hold a letterpress business card in your hand, you can feel the impression the artwork has made into the paper. It feels like something special. Running the same piece of paper through a press 2, 3, or even 4 times for different colors is an arduous process, but for a wedding invitation there is nothing more beautiful.

Tweedle Press is also on a mission to produce prints in the most eco-firendly way possible by using a variety of recycled, post-consumer papers, vegetable based inks, and even handmade papers recycled from junk mail. If you’re looking or a truly unique way to get rid of your junk mail, read on the website about how Personal Recycling can turn your scrap paper into something personal and extraordinary. It’s also important to be educated about what all these “green” terms really mean, and there is an in-depth definitions section on the website as well. Note cards, gifts tags, coasters, stationery, bookmarks and more are available in the online shop, and please get in touch if you’d like a quote for a custom project such as business cards, letterhead, invitations, or announcements. Tweedle Press will work with you to design something unique and exceptional for any occasion.