Twimler stands for openness, community, global reach, and fair play. Equipped with these fundamental values and top-notch market analysis, our skilled engineers and creative designers forge a unique brand of casual entertainment.

Twimler games resonate with players of all ages and skill levels; they are easy to learn but always offer rewarding challenges to the most dedicated and skilled gamers.

Millions of players around the world download, enjoy, and make Twimler games an integral part of their daily lives. Twimler enables people to connect, share, and engage through its digital games and popular social media platforms. By respecting player privacy and offering a meaningful medium for our customers to express themselves in unique and fun ways, the team has built up a very loyal community of fans.

Through combination of hard work, commitment to quality, and original ideas, Twimler is looking to become a global market leader in social and digital entertainment.

Twimler is based in the UK. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and various app stores.