Addiction Recovery and Self Development Centre                                          
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PHILOSOPHY- Twin Rivers Recovery Centre is based on the Minnesota Model and so underpinned by the time served 12 step programme of life changing  recovery. The multi-disciplinary clinical team fully appreciate the growing dynamics of addiction and so have discussed their professional and life experiences together in helping to formulate an effective approach to treatment that can really help addicts to better help themselves move forward in their daily recovery.
RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT – Inpatient recovery treatment programmes for those suffering with an Addiction Disorder (toxic based obsessions that generate problematic thinking and destructive behaviours) and/or mental health issues (Combination of an addiction disorder and depression, for example is known as ‘dual diagnosis’). Twin Rivers offers families support, guidance, conferences and instruction on living with a recovering addict.
OUTPATIENT TREATMENT – Individually tailored to the needs of individuals in the community. Counselling and group therapy sessions for people recovering from any addiction and mental health problems.  
PROGRAMMES- Our aim at Twin Rivers is to continually develop affordable residential and outpatient programmes that address addiction in an effective and ethical manner. All programmes follow a basic recovery outline allowing space for each individual client’s immediate needs that in time will enable the client to gather confidence and a new outlook on life.
PURPOSE- The purpose of Twin Rivers is to develop a homely style treatment facility with broad ranging approaches that recognize the importance of individual backgrounds and recovery pace. Twin Rivers helps addicts and their families come to terms with the ‘disease’ of addiction and the level of suffering it creates. Twin Rivers has an International diverse team of professionals who can assist clients in reaching meaningful goals that have seemed completely impossible in the past.
SELF/PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES – Twin Rivers will be offering courses and workshops throughout the year that can help attendees to identify problem areas in their life and techniques that promote change.
To whom it may concern;  

“I was admitted into David’s centre for the abuse of alcohol.  Initially I was reluctant to accept treatment as I felt I was irredeemable, however David’s approach to addiction and life change was positive, encouraging and never judgmental. The centre is focused on the development of self awareness in a safe and secure environment.  The daily routine allowed for various group and individual exercises as well as one – to –one counselling.  David is the best counsellor I have ever had.  He is compassionate, supportive and understanding, while still perceptive, astute and patient.  David and his team helped me to understand my destructive behaviours and the way these were impacting on my life.  It was a tough journey but I will always be grateful to David and his team for their unconditional support both while I was staying with them, and afterwards.  I highly recommend Twin Rivers”.                                                                           Ex-client 2010