Two Fold Software is a UK based software company that specialises in providing solutions to companies that have laboratories, for the quality control monitoring of raw materials and finished products and for research and development. These businesses are typically manufacturing companies in the food and drink, chemicals, minerals, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, sectors.

Another sector that is catered for by our solutions are the commercial contract laboratories that provide analytical testing services to manufacturers who choose to contract out their quality control and research and development.

Our main product is Qualoupe which is a LIMS.

LIMS is an abbreviation for Laboratory Information Management System, which is a computer based solution providing, streamlined workflow automation and management in the laboratory. LIMS also offers relevant structured Information, extensive reports for the business as a whole and integrates with other applications e.g. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for maximum business efficiency.

There are a number of benefits a LIMS brings to the laboratory environment, most notably; increased productivity and improved data quality, both of which drive reduced operating costs whilst freeing up valuable human resources from routine tasks.

The system can embrace the way you work, single sample, batch samples and manual or automated methods, producing reports for internal or external customer use. Management of resources is a key feature, planning work allocation against availability and for auto analysers around calibration and maintenance schedules.

Audit trails are maintained in the system and for Industries requiring compliance the system provides the tools to demonstrate compliance.

Qualoupe is the latest generation of LIMS which stands apart from the competition due to the use of the most current software technologies available today and because of its highly intuitive and uncluttered user interface which makes it easy for the users to understand and use the application.

Two Fold Software's ethos is to provide software that is fit for purpose and reliable.