Two Thirds Scale is a consulting services company, providing strict confidentiality in assessing new product and service ideas.  Niche expertise is on the initial stages of a product idea, focussing on the "skunkworks" discovery of multiple paths for upper level management evaluation.

CEO"S, senior managers, owners, and product development teams utilize Two Thirds Scale for initial positive or negative ratification of ideas before they are moved forward within the structure of a company or business, before they consume valuable resources. Strict confidentiality is ensured in order to maintain secrecy in this key time of product development.

Product and idea assessments are strongly opinionated with the intent of creating new paradigms, challenging industry norms, and discovering new pathways.  

Two Thirds Scale's charter is to push the limits of what you can do with your ideas and products.

John France is available as a speaker for trade organization meetings and corporate functions.  

John France is the author of The Idea Hump.

...John France (1961 -present) was born in northeast Ohio, and grew up in Mantua, Ohio, where he now lives. John has over thirty years experience in bringing new technologies to market. He has been part of new ventures that have raised millions and made millions. John holds numerous utility, process, and design patents.

His first book, "The Idea Hump," is a motivating ride over, around, and through the mountain-like obstacles that loom over your idea. The hardest part is getting started, taking those first steps. John shares what has helped him get started and through the ups and downs, the successes and struggles, that come with the beginning stages of an idea. John provides the how-to of doing something now with your new and great idea.

What holds you back from moving forward with your idea? It is the idea hump.  

By way of simplicity and sincerity John shares what he has learned about The Idea Hump.

John is currently working on his next book, Beyond The Idea Hump.

The Idea Hump:

Available through the official web site;  http://www.theideahump.com
and Amazon, https://www.createspace.com/3998877, and http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009D4WK2K