Two-for-One Editing is a service of two former Los Angeles Times editors who today concentrate on helping authors achieve their goals through careful manuscript editing.  Davilynn and Bill Furlow work with fiction and nonfiction authors who may be inexperienced or lack professional writing skills but who are committed to success and willing to do the hard work required to publish great books.

At the macro level, the Furlows examine a book's organization, pace, internal logic, consistency and overall quality.  They challenge questionable assertions and advise the author when chapters -- or even the entire book -- need more work.  

At the micro level, they copy edit, correcting mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling, eliminating redundancy and rewriting awkward sentences.  While respecting the author's style, they polish the book so that it can stand alongside the best examples of its genre.

Because a single editor rarely catches everything that needs fixing, both editors work on every book project, ensuring extremely thorough editing.  They collaborate on recommendations for additional work by the author.

This is an exciting time for book publishing, with authors having myriad options.  Two-for-One Editing doesn't shy away from working with previously unpublished authors or even those with limited writing skills.  All the Furlows ask of an author is that he or she is serious about having an outstanding book and seeing success, which implies a willingness to do what can sometimes be the hard work of perfecting a manuscript.  

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