It's Smart & Special!! The Two Web glove has a new ingenious function where an additional web attached to the glove prevents the ball from glancing off from the edge of glove.

1. It catches better

The Two Web glove is equipped with a second web guard that prevents the ball from ricocheting off. It enables people who have difficulty to catch balls easily and so maximizes the pleasure when we play with the ball.

2. It prevents a bouncing ground ball from hitting the face.

The second web guard of the Two Web glove helps catch a bouncing ball. It protects baseball lovers who have experienced bruising after being hit on the chest or face and sometimes a black eye during baseball game because of the unpredictable bouncing of the ball more safely. Because the Two Web glove protects the body, boys and girls, young people and adults will become more active in baseball because they will no longer feel the anxiety of being hit by a ball. To be more precise, the glove gives your more confidence when you are defending.

3. If the web guard is detached, the Two Web gloves is no different from you average glove.

Another remarkable point is that you can use the unique function of the Two Web glove according to your preference or the situation even though its price is similar to other average gloves. It is being discounted at 20% on Indiegogo right now. For example, when your child grows up or gets accustomed to catching the ball, you can detach the second web guard just like that. Then 2 web glove turns into a normal baseball glove. Even better is without the web guard the Two Web glove follows baseball regulations and can be used by professional players in a game without any problems. It really is economical? You can buy a baseball glove with 2 functions for the price of just one.

4. Web becomes a memento(souvenir) of special memories.

The people who will come to love the Two Web glove will buy it with the expectation of catching better, being safer, and having a better time. The Two Web glove will become a history to you soon. You'll soon find yourselves detaching the web guard and catching the ball with joy and confidence. When that time comes what do you do with the detached web? You can keep the web as a memento of the time spent playing catch with the people special to you.