We provide customized solutions to our worldwide customers through manufacturing robotic logistic automation systems which result in more effective and efficient operations.


Robogistics manufactures the fastest gantry robot in the world with a focus on serving intralogistics applications or automated distribution needs of customers. Gantry robots are good solutions because they are suspended from a frame above the manufacturing operation and take less floor space than other solutions like Automation Storage Retrieval Systems. A gantry robot consists of the end of arm tool mounted onto the Z-axis and the Z-axis is mounted on an overhead carriage system that allows movement across a horizontal and vertical plane.

Robogistics’ in-house developed supervisory software controlled platform solutions are designed to run its own hardware and is integrated with the customer’s warehouse management system to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the customer’s operations through reduced labor costs, customized order picking, faster delivery for “on-demand” logistics and supply chain management and enhanced space utilization within the customer’s facilities.

By combining its palletizing know-how with its End-of-Arm Tools (EOAT), a rugged, durable Gantry or articulating robot arm and proprietary controls software system that interacts with the customer’s MIS / WMS software system, Robogistics can provide significant and immediate ROI payback.