tyes.by.tara was founded with a spark of inspiration the moment I put on a lacy necktie from a naughty girl Halloween costume. I wanted to wear it everyday, not just on Halloween. At this moment, I saw the potential to create feminine pieces rooted in traditional menswear designs for everyday wear.

In the beginning, I focused on the bowtie and necktie, but as the concept continued to mature and gain popularity, I realized a breadth of creative possibilities. What began with two product categories, quickly blossomed into a full line of jewelry, accessory and gift products as well as a thriving business model that applied the latest trends to its products.

After years of research and product development, tyes.by.tara has become an award-winning, international company that can be found in upscale lingerie stores, national chains and independent boutiques.

Working directly with retail partners, our goal is to encourage women to explore their femininity, invite flirtation into their style and exhibit confidence.

All tyes are made in the USA.

We look forward to a beautiful relationship with you!

Tara Christine
tyes.by.tara Founder and Designer