Tymefly is Social Scheduling.

Tymefly gives you the information and tools you need to easily schedule with your friends. Tymefly is the only site that shows you your aggregated schedule information as well as what your friends have schedule and when they are available. Tymefly gives you the information and the tools to use it conveniently, whether on a computer or on the go with a mobile device. Tymefly provides the best tools to view and maintain your schedule, compare it with your friends' schedules, and collaboratively plan with groups or individuals.

Tymefly is the nerve center connecting your plans, your schedule, and your friends' schedules. Tymefly encourages more interaction i the real world because you can see when your friends are doing something that you can join, they can see when you are doing something that they can join, and -- most importantly -- you can plan activities or events with them. Tymefly's tools are designed to show you how your friends' time aligns with yours, making scheduling and planning fast and easy.

Tymefly also creates an online community, encouraging communication through scheduling. By strengthening your network of real-world friends, Tymefly provides a forum in which to communicate about events, plan activities, and discover upcoming events together. By encouraging users to curate events and share their knowledge with others, Tymefly attracts users interested in building an online community around finding new things to do and spreading event information.

In brief, Tymefly is your social dashboard -- a place where you can manage your schedule, invite friends to events, and vote on what to do with your friends. It's social scheduling made fun and easy!