The uLink philosophy is simple: leverage digital media with fantastic in-person networking events. True success comes when customers and colleagues become marketing evangelists for community businesses they know and trust.

Twice monthly face to face meetings and special events establish the personal relationships necessary to provide a platform necessary for confident referrals.
Regular business tours and educational events provide additional opportunities to connect and learn from business experts.

uLinkNetwork is a Complete Business development solution. We are a locally based referral and business development membership organization of professionals. We offer a fully integrated web interface for social media and smart phone application for managing contacts, referrals and member information that works with all smart phones. uLinkNetwork provides members with 8 creative and unique ways to market their business. Click, connect and network your business. It’s that easy.

uLinkNetwork members and partners collaborate to build referrals and stimulate business through technology, social media and special events. We are the 1st & only leads/ referral group to have a smart phone mobile app so you can click and connect and send referrals to member partners they know and trust.