We are the only supplier of commercial UAVs to the Australian community. We pride ourselves in being able to solve your aerial imaging problem no matter the scope of your needs.
Being the only marketable source of UAVs, we have the most in depth knowledge in Australia about these unmanned “eyes in the sky”. NO matter your project, we have the product for you.
The UAVs we offer can fly in the air with a Video, Digital or Infrared Camera sending information back to a laptop for recording, as evidence or action.  We put “eyes in the sky” without the very expensive use of helicopters or fixed wing aircraft.  Our UAV’s are able to fly manually, semi-autonomously or completely autonomous.
After one day of training, the most inexperienced “Pilot” can safely and skilfully fly any mission.
Using our UAVs would provide specific benefits:
They provide “eyes in the sky” around the bend, over the horizon or several miles ahead of any mission or task
Provide an alternative to working in the dark
They can be fitted with infrared cameras as well as video or digital still cameras.  Live images are fed back to the Ground Control Station and they can dispatch those images over the Internet anywhere in the world
They improve and enhance security on the ground
They are economical – the cost of flight in the air is close to $2.00 per hour.  A typical helicopter or light aircraft will cost $800 - $1,000 per hour
They are “green” – use our electric models or even the low emitting gas models
Their ability to fly out  7 to 23 miles from Ground Control Station means they can patrol any area – Use an extender system and they have the capability to fly globally.
They are equipped with GPS so their location is accurately tracked and provides accurate indices of where your target is located for a return “visit”
They can be set for predetermined flight patterns day and night
All of the hardware is “COTS” Commercially available off the shelf
We would love an opportunity to work with your organization. No matter what your project is, we would be happy to help you reach your goal. Whether you are a telecommunications or electrical company wanting to survey your infrastructure (for which rotor wing and fixed wing combined would be ideal), you are a mining company wanting to survey a potential mine area (fixed wing would be better suited) or if you are a Government Law Enforcement Agency wanting to have more aerial surveillance (rotor wing would be better suited), simply tell us what you want and we will talk with you and tailor the best package for you. Then you can sit back, relax and have your product delivered ready for use. All you have to then do is fly...!
Contact us for more information,
The UAVs Australia team.