Urban Broadcasting Company, UBC-TV Network a Harlem, New York based broadcast multi-media company set to launch a new ‘Urban Lifestyle’ cable network. UBC-TV Network will produce original urban lifestyle content that will be distributed over multiple platforms which will include cable, satellite, VOD, set –top- boxes, mobile, wireless devices, social media and other platforms. UBC-TV Network is a producing network that will have its’ own ‘UBC Originals’ that include news, entertainment, business, fashion, health and fitness, live concerts, sports and other lifestyle programs. UBC-TV’s goal is to provide relevant, diverse, exciting and uplifting programming geared towards the underserved Urban Multi-Cultural market.

UBC-TV has secured cable and satellite distribution through independent distributors that will give it a prime time television presence; combining this with its video on demand and mobile presence with a social media tie-in. This combination gives the viewers the opportunity to watch and engage with UBC-TV programming on multiple platforms whenever they choose. UBC-TV will begin to rollout its signature programming  this fall into over 50 + million households in the following cites nationwide: New York tri-state area, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Miami,  Washington, Cleveland,  Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Baltimore, St. Louis and other urban markets that are in the works and will be forthcoming as UBC-TV makes its national roll-out.

UBC-TV is set to reach the Urban Multicultural market, targeting men and woman ages 14 to 45 years old by shedding light on cultural stories from a new perspective. Some shows will skew to an older demographic. UBC-TV’s type of programming provides a great opportunity for targeted marking to the untapped Urban Multicultural Market, with a buying power of over 1 trillion dollars.

UBC-TV has also secured international distribution and will be announcing countries where its programming will be seen soon. Channel listings and cities for cable, satellite, VOD and other platforms will be forthcoming as UBC-TV moves forward to its national roll-out. Check back on our Facebook, website and Twitter pages or email at info@ubctvnetwork.com.