UBI UBI — from the Latin phrase “from where to where” — is a premium content distributor on the mobile platform for the jet set. It is compatible with the entire “iPhone 2.0” market, including the iPhone, iPhone 3G, BlackBerry (Storm, Bold, Curve, and Pearl), T-Mobile G1, Palm Centro, Nokia E61i, Nokia N95, and Samsung Instinct — followed in the near future by support for most other Web-capable phones. The mobile destination is subscription-based, and can be purchased month-to-month or year-to-year.

UBI UBI’s core development team includes professionals with significant global experience in the digital media and telecom industries. UBI UBI will be aggregating content from Michelin and other prestigious partners internationally starting in the third quarter of 2009, extending its service to include London, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, Budapest, Brussels, Madrid, Hamburg, Prague, Dubai, Singapore, São Paulo, Mumbai, Buenos Aires, and Cape Town.