Uchi is the Japanese word for “in-group” or “inner circle”. The app’s mission is to help you connect with those closest to you. We believe that when we each feel heard and understood, it brings us closer together which feels really good and makes us happy.

Our goal is to guide real, written-only conversations, so you can feel a real connection. On Uchi, everyone has the same opportunity to answer fun and thought-provoking questions from our database which only “your uchi” can read. And, they can only read your answer if they’ve already answered that question first. Connection requires a two-way exchange so you have to contribute in order to consume, which is the opposite of social media.

The more connected we feel, the happier we are, and happy people do good things.

Remember, relationships aren’t built in a day and there’s no “quick fix”. They take time and intentional effort just like any fitness program. But in just a few minutes at a time, you can nurture your most important relationships. What’s truly impressive is how quickly behaviors begin to improve once you start using Uchi. And just like your health and well-being, you’ve got to stick with it to have a lasting effect. Uchi is the easiest way to bring health and happiness to your life.