UD Technologies are Leading manufacturer and Exporter of  Best Quality Glass Pilot Plant, Engineered Glass Equipment, Process Engineering Solutions, and Technical Teaching Equipment for Chemical Engineering Branch

Glass Pilot plants:
1. Large Scale Rotary Evaporator
2. Glass Reactor
3. Glass Wiped Film Evaporator
4.Nutch Filters and Agitated Nutch Filters
5.Chromatographic Separation Columns
6.Fractional Distillation Columns, Batch and continuous
7.Gas Absorber
8.Liquid-Liquid Extraction Systems
9.Solid-Liquid Extraction Unit
10.Glass Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
11. Falling Film Evaporator

Process Engineering Solutions
1. Bromine recovery plant
2. Bromine  Production Plant
3. Anhydrous HCl Gas generator
4. Hydrogen Chloride Absorption
5. Sodium Hypochlorite Plant
6.Sulfur Dioxide Absorption plant
7.Chlorine Absorption Unit
8.Sulfuric Acid Dilution Unit
9.Sulfuric Acid Concentration Plant
10 Nitric Acid dilution Unit

Technical Teaching Equipment
1. Heat transfer Rig-comprising Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger and shell and coil Heat exchanger
2. Dropwise and film-wise condensation
3. Batch Distillation
4.Continuous distillation
5. Solid-Liquid Extraction
6. Mixer settler
7.Continuous liquid-liquid Extraction