Underground Fitness Revolution specializes in 30-minute EXPRESS metabolic workouts for busy men and women designed to get you in the best shape of your life regardless of your current fitness level. Our program includes top notch fitness instruction and motivational training while using a mix of “conventional” and “non-conventional” fitness tools and techniques.

We pride ourselves on training people of all walks of life in an intense small group atmosphere that will challenge you at your current fitness level and teach you how to burn body fat and build lean muscle. Our revolutionary Rapid Fat Loss Underground Nutrition System will teach you how to build a fat-burning metabolism 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

The programs are designed to support members in the achievement of fat loss, increased strength and muscle, flexibility, endurance, conditioning, athleticism, injury prevention and character.

This is accomplished through vigorous exercise routines which may include resistance bands, medicine balls, sandbags, dumbbells, kettlebells, dragging sleds, battling ropes, sprinting, jumping, and a variety of body-weight exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, chin-ups, etc. The exercises are challenging but do-able.

Our 30-minute EXPRESS metabolic workouts for busy men and women provide results-driven programs to help you reach your goals. Many boot camps, gyms and health clubs promise you results, but the fitness staff do not deliver the results the member was promised. The end result is a disappointed member who quits. Our number one focus is on getting YOU results. This is where we excel. We provide all the tools you need to be successful – all you have to do is show up, follow the plan and do the work required to achieve your goals.

Our programs focus on a metabolic circuit for rapid weight loss plus a strength training component to boost lean muscle gain and athletic performance. We perform exercises that use numerous muscles simultaneously to enhance caloric expenditure and anaerobic conditioning. All exercises are “core” exercises to help maximize muscular development while burning fat during every training session.

When you join, you have access to professional fitness coaching, 30-minute EXPRESS group workouts, professionally-designed training programs, nutrition guide, done-for-you meal plans, a FREE grocery store tour, FREE bonus weekend classes, on-going support and more! At our training facility, positive results are not an option; they are a reality.

Membership also includes an initial physical assessment. With an assessment, we will learn about your health history, any past injuries, your training history along with your specific goals. From the assessment, we can also evaluate what specific parts of the body need be worked on to improve your strength, flexibility and endurance.

Each session typically lasts 30-45 minutes including a comprehensive warm-up. We conduct training classes in small groups of up to 12-15 members. This allows us to get to know you and give more personal service unlike large boot camps, gyms or health clubs that have many members and treat you like a number.

We provide top notch fitness instruction and motivation to get you in your best shape ever. And unlike a traditional health club, you won’t experience intimidation, overcrowding and broken down equipment.

Groups consist of individuals of all levels and physical capabilities. Underground Fitness Revolution specializes in exercise modifications so that a beginner or advanced member can workout within their fitness level. Everyone works together to achieve huge gains for every individual.

With Our Training Programs, You Will:

• Lose Fat
• Gain Strength
• Build Muscle
• Increase Conditioning
• Prevent Injuries
• Become Athletic
• Stay Fit and Healthy
• Increase Confidence

What Type of Individual is Accepted into Our Program?

We invite all busy men and women that have a positive attitude and are committed to their training, nutrition and athletic performance to join Underground Fitness Revolution.

We pride ourselves on training men and women of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. The most successful members are NOT always the most fit. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE will help you accomplish all your goals.

All training sessions require a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month minimum commitment with packages ranging from one, two, three or more times each week.