UK Fuel Cards Ltd is the UK’s leading supplier with a wide choice of cards and solutions for all businesses.

We adhere to three main company values: Commitment, Shared Purpose and Continuous Improvement. By taking active steps to work to these values, we aim to provide the very best customer service levels in the industry.

Perhaps you have been targeted by a fuel card company in the past who may have pushed a particular branded fuel card on you, which you took and tried only to find out it didn’t exactly meet your needs. Or perhaps they promised you ‘too good to be true’ discounts. Then you realised after a ‘honeymoon period’ that you were not getting the great deal you thought.

The fact is that over the last decade, the worldwide oil markets and economy have changed drastically. They are far more unstable and unreliable. You really should be wary of fuel card companies that offer price guarantees. Quite simply, they will struggle to give you what they’ve promised.

Rather than disappoint you, we tell it how it is. With UK Fuel Cards you’ll sometimes make a small saving and sometimes break even. In general we say “Our diesel prices reflect current market conditions and are usually competitive against the national average retail pump price”. Simple. Realistic. Honest.

We also provide you with a secure way to manage your fuel purchases, excellent on-line reporting services, fully VAT-approved management reports, a dedicated account manager and up to 28 days interest free credit, with flexible credit terms (subject to status), as well as a host of other benefits. If you want a fuel card brand you don’t see featured on our website, please give us a call; we are confident we can provide it for you.

Can’t get credit? Don’t worry, we can still offer you a fuel card on a temporary deposit basis.

We don’t charge for unused/underused cards/accounts, going over your credit limit, site directories and fax price notifications. Some of our competitors do.

All this and more mean that we can promise you an excellent level of customer service.

Some of our customers have been with us for almost a decade, using their cards every week and renewing them every year.

We must be doing something right…