Ultimate Vitamin Club launches the Ultimate-Multi, Ultimate-C, Ultimate-D3 and Ultimate-Burner.  A next-generation supplement line made from plant-grown nature-identical nutrients with built in food factors that act as a GPS delivery system. No synthetic isolates, just targeted nutrition.  

Subscription model ensures people will not run out of one of the most important foundational supplements in their health regimen.  This multivitamin is treated as real food by the body.  The nutrients are embedded in a whole food matrix complete with the factors and protein carriers that allow your body to efficiently absorb, utilize and retain.  Created with FoodFusion™ nutrients, the Ultimate-Multi allows for higher levels of absorption and retention while only requiring conservative amounts of each nutrient.  No Mega-Doses of potentially harmful synthetic isolates or rocks which comprises 95% of vitamins and minerals on the market today.  Just a product that is efficient and contains no potentially toxic ingredients.

This supplement is perfect for all ages and activity levels. The subscription club keeps the supply coming so that people do not get nutritional gaps in their diet.