Ultrathon is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, product development, production and marketing of Solar Street  Lights. The company is located in Delhi NCR, the forefront of Indian reform and opening up base of several high end industries. Ultrathon Electric has 2  departments: LED lighting and Solar Rooftop EPC.

The company has a dust-free  shop floor of more than 1000 square meters. Furthermore, we have perfect LED testing equipment, quality testing and environmental testing equipment, which results in a large-scale high-quality production of LED lighting with a good foundation. We have the advantages of a high starting point of technology and a high starting point of scale.

ULTRATHON® is leading Solar Street Lights Manufacturer & Exporters. We 100% focus on next-generation products. Our experienced R&D teams help us keep developing new products by using latest technologies, and keep the price more competitive, then to help our clients can win their market or projects more easier. In the same time, we stick to the principle of “quality first” and care was always taken at the beginning of production. So the products we made always with stable quality & performance.

Our Solar EPC Division has some of the best and experienced team of the industry. Our expertise is Micro Grids and Off Grid Projects  besides Solar Rooftop Plants. Our this division focuses on strategically increasing the role of renewables in our energy mix. We have numerous Solar Rooftop and Micro Grid Power projects underway, harnessing the potential of emerging cost-effective renewable resources and technologies.

ULTARTHON® offers detailed  Engineering, Procurement & Construction services for Ground-mounted Solar Power projects, Rooftop Solar, Solar Parks, CAPEX as well as OPEX projects. With our in-depth knowledge base and industry expertise, we aim at extending our innovative, tailored energy solutions to the customers. At Ultrathon, we help in creating profitable and sustainable energy infrastructures and solutions –across different industry verticals.

The extremely expert and focused EPC Group at Ultrathon makes certain the completion of each and every solar plant from notion to commissioning including its Procedure and maintenance for the whole lifespan with the plant. The business, over the years, has created an internationally accredited skills in engineering and procurement and challenges in administration, construction and commissioning, with a strong command around asset management.
The decision to invest right into a Renewable Power Projects arises out of multiple and remarkably distinctive motives and necessities. From farmers who ought to irrigate their distant off-grid fields, from the clinic director who intends to prevent energy cuts, to your Trader who would like to spot cash into a thoroughly clean Power undertaking.

ULTRATHON® provides specialty services which includes Project Management Consultancy for the feasibility, planning, designing and construction of Solar Power Projects. We work with Solar Integrators, System Designers and Solar Business Houses to design and implement Services, Programs, and Products, not only to deliver a set of services on top of our platform but also to deliver the right solution to the end customers.

Our recognized, renewable energy solutions –incorporating solar, wind, and hybrid energy alongside high-end solar applications, make us a reputed partner among the clients across the globe. Our dynamic R&D team constantly works with the concept of Energy Storage Systems towards making plans to design and develop individual assembly unit –extending support to the rural as well as urban off-grid along with other utility projects.

Right from private investors to industry operators, independent power producers (IPPs), utility companies, and communities –Ultrathon Electric is committed to delivering innovative energy solutions for every type of client. As part of our core values and respect for the environment and nature around, we aim at creating and delivering sustainable, economically-profitable renewable energy projects. With a strong focus on the overall designing, manufacturing, and effective engineering innovation, our award-winning and patented renewable energy solutions are rapidly becoming an industry benchmark.

As a leading business in the segment, we have a track record of delivering high-performing, affordable, and reliable, clean energy projects –all around the world. Together with our end consumers, we are committed to reducing the ever-growing levels of carbon emissions by supplying reliable, renewable energy from the decentralized modes of production sources, delivering new, innovative solutions analyzing energy performances and investing in revolutionary clean energy.