Umbrella Bagger specializes in the sale of umbrella bag stands, dispensers, cans, racks, and other umbrella safety products. All products are designed to keep commercial properties clean and dry on rainy days. Give guests a way to wrap, stow, and tote their umbrella without causing a mess. Keep floors dry, and limit exposure to liability on rainy days.

The Umbrella Bagger online store proudly offers 100% Price Match Guarantee on all products. All online orders also qualify for Free Shipping within the continental United States. Shop umbrella stands on Umbrellabagger.com, and get the best deal on these unique safety products for rainy days.

New: Online store now features Automatic Umbrella Wrappers, the first-ever unit that allows guests to wrap wet umbrellas in a single fluid motion. With sharp aesthetics and unparalleled ease-of-use, these automatic wrapping units are a quick and convenient way to stow umbrellas as you enter the building. Faster, more efficient wrapping serves a greater number of facility guests, making these units ideal for environments that experience a great deal of rainfall and/or heavy volumes of visitor traffic.

Also available on Umbrellabagger.com are packages of disposable bags. Keep your stands stocked and ready for action on the rainiest days of the year!

Product Consultation
Umbrella Bagger is pleased to offer additional information and product consultation for property owners and business managers who would like to learn more about rainy day safety products. Readers are invited to contact Client Services at 855-328-8100 to speak with a qualified product specialist.