ounded on October 27, 2007 in Los Angeles, Southern California, USA


Masoyane Sayadaw U Kavidabhimvamsa


Penang Sayadaw U Pannavamsa


U Vilasa (New York)


U Ottara (England),

U Khemasara (Yahanpyo Samagga),

U Gunissara (California)

Information Officers:

U Pannananda (New York),

U Nanikabhivamsa (California),

U Kusala (Indiana),

U Pannajota (California)


U Sondra (California),

U Nandavamsa (Taiwan),

U Nandasiri (Canada)


U Eicariya (New York),

U Candobasa,

U Visuta (England)


- Propagation of the sasana (Buddha's teachings)

- Publication of the Buddha Dhamma literature

- To prevent dangerous actions that can harm and impair the sasana

- To protect the sasana and the well-being of the monks

- To collaborate with the various international multi-faith organizations on projects [of mutual interest]

- To strive for the benefit -- physical and mental happiness -- of all the citizens of the world

Appeal to the sanghas, the armed forces personnel, and the general public in Burma

Help work towards the following:

- Unconditional release of all monks being detained and/or sent to Yebet (slave labor) camps

- True statements about the deaths of the monks (including names and the events leading to the deaths)

- Rebuttal of the defamatory remarks made towards the monks

- Prevent coercing the Sangha Mahanayaka sayadaws to proclaim "unlawful" (adhmma) laws

- Retreat of armed forces personnel from pagodas and monastries

- Adherence to the teachings of the sayadaws by the ward and village administrator

- Peace and prosperity of every town and village (in Burma)

- Awareness to the young soldiers and "swan ar shins" that "killing monks" is an unpardonable crime leading to hell

- Prevention of harm to the sanghas who have participated and/or still participating in the "tabeik hmauk kan saung" (turn the alms bowl in accordance with the Vinaya rules)