Umigo Racing Inc. is a family owned corporation dedicated to opening the doors of racing to those who have always wanted to race, but could not dedicate the time and money to full time racing.  When you come to our facility, you will likely see and meet with one of the business owners.  Unlike a lot of tracks, we are hands on with our customers, with a full focus on helping you have a great time on the track and to improve your racing skills.  If you have never raced in a center like ours, we encourage you to come try it.  You'll be amazed at how well you can do and perhaps a bit excited at the possibilities!

Umigo Indoor Kart Racing provides the San Francisco East Bay/Tri-Valley/Delta/Central Valley Region residents the opportunity to participate in the motor racing experience without the barriers of full-scale motor racing.  Umigo‚Äôs primary business is the rental and operation of high performance race karts within specially designed race tracks.  Umigo customers can simply arrive at the center and drive.  We provide the equipment and the race.

The center of activity for Umigo is a state-of-the-art race track and go-karts scaled to provide a real racing experience within a safe, environmentally controlled building.  Umigo go karts are not what might be associated with amusement parks or the "Malibu Grand Prix" concept. Umigo high performance go karts reach speeds of around 40 mph, are effectively maneuvered around hairpin turns and are designed to give drivers some of the same experiences and challenges faced by drivers in full scale racing.