There are better ways to think about what it means to do business and how we define impact. We believe a sustainable business model is rapidly becoming a standard as consumers give equal weight to value and values.

We have three scopes of work. Scope 1: we study crises and disruptive trends, a narrower scope 2: we explore what doing good means today, and finally scope 3: we examine methods of advancing sustainable development and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our global think tank ecosystem brings together proprietary research and operational expertise to help us build and deploy new theories. We design, distribute, validate, and apply our information products. We bring together the best talent from industry, academia, as well as popular culture to design innovative interventions and address the most pressing questions of our times.

Our Circle
• Sustainable Innovation Think Think (SITT)
• Center for Global Agenda (CGA)
• Venture Strategy Group (VSG)