In 1999, T.I. (Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.), an undiscovered artist, signed his first record deal with Arista subsidiary LaFace in Atlanta, Georgia. At the same time, Harold Alexander, an Electronic Engineer, and Founder of Underground App stated “There should be a free platform for undiscovered artists to showcase their talents and connect with fans in a better way”, which is how Underground App was created.

Underground App connects fans and industry experts with underground artists of their liking using A.I. This is done by first building a persona of each artist. Then when a fan visits the app they are asked specific questions. Using these questions, if the algorithm finds a match, the artist and fan are connected via a social media feed. Undiscovered artists can also get booked and interact in real time with fans on Underground. Underground App’s main purpose is to level the playing field for undiscovered artist. Next Big Sounds (NBS), an organization that tracks artist’s statistics states that over 91% of all artists are undiscovered. Underground App will be the ‘Game Changer’ for revealing the next new artist sensation.

Accepted into ASCEND2020, an Atlanta accelerator program for start-ups sponsored by JP Morgan CHASE, Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center and TechSquare Labs; Harold was able to complete and launch his app. “ASCEND2020 allowed me to complete my 20-year vision since T.I.’s success, of developing a social media platform that connects fans and industry executives with undiscovered artists using A.I.”.

Underground App is not only a social media app but it’s also a live feature phenom. On Underground App artists will no longer need to announce their social media handles while on stage or sell DVD’s during or after the show. When an artist has a profile on Underground App all they have to do is post their event to their feed. Now when that artist is on stage all the fans at that event need to do is open the app. Without even knowing the artist’s name that fan will see the profile of the artist on stage, all their social media handles and any materials they are performing. Just one click to purchase or follow.

Underground App also has a patent pending feature called Director. With Director fans will be able to view their favorite underground artist from multiple angles. All the fans need to do is open the app and start Director and start streaming. Now, if anyone else in the area is also using Director, their stream will appear as a thumbnail at the bottom of the fan’s stream.  All the fan needs to do is touch it to enlarge it. The fan can hop to as many streams as available. Each stream they hop to will become part of that fans recorded video.

Underground App will host upcoming summer events showcasing artists on the platform, and are currently providing the first 100 Undiscovered Artists to pre-register and receive free access to their live feature for 60 days. Underground App is also seeking strategic partnerships with national promoters for exclusive discounts from utilizing Underground App to increase ticket sales. Preregister now at https://www.Underground.App to get the latest updates.