Unfltrd Passion was started in 2014 in Derek's basement as a way for him to make shirts to match his sneaker collection.  Finding clothes to make the sneakers was hard because clothing companies synced their releases with sneaker colorways being released and after a few months the colors were out of stock.

So, Derek began making shirts with a heat press and vinyl for sneaker lovers like himself who wanted to finally wear the sneakers they stashed away.  That idea grew into a desire to not create another clothing brand but a clothing service that focused on the individual customers' needs and desires, a service where customers have creative control and their voices are heard.  

A service that removed the limits and restrictions set by almost all brands; such as size, color, and availability.  With Unfltrd Passion; sneaker lovers can find and/or create custom outfits for their collections.  Travelers can create outfits for their trips and itineraries regardless of the season.  People who are busy working, parenting, etc can conveniently find clothes that fit their needs.  Creatives can create what they want to wear.  Picky customers can choose their fabrics, materials,  design placements, etc.