Keep life simple. Get enough sleep. Be mindful of your technology consumption. Disconnect to reconnect. Eat healthy. Exercise. Laugh. Love. Snuggle with someone or something but not your phone. Cook good meals. Make the most of your 1440 minutes in a day. Breathe. Act from your heart. Trust your intuition. If you don’t have time, meditate. If you have time, meditate. Move. Eat slow. Be grateful. Practice mindfulness. Turn off all notifications. Live your life. Find balance. Do things that scare you. Smile. Be yourself. Every once a while, do nothing. Read. Stretch. Stop scrolling. Establish a morning routine. Buy less things. Play. Look up from your phone. Be present. Dream. Help people in need. Travel often. Journal. Shift your perspective. Move forward. Make memories not social media posts. Live in the moment.  Appreciate the little things. Life is Short. Do what you love.

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