TeaBrews.com (quality in the first place) brings Asia premium tea into your home, without the added travel cost!

The company was started by Maarten Van Ruitenburg as a result of his numerous good (and bad) experiences on the Asian continent.

After testing hundreds of different tea's he has decided to encapsulate his insights and turn his passion into an exclusive online shop where tea lovers can select from a wide range of Asian brews and prepare their favorite tea at home.

“What is unique about our tea is really the quality. We don't even list 2nd grade tea's, even though they may be perfectly acceptable to an average North American customer.” Says Maarten.

Our mission is to provide high class, high quality, and reasonably priced tea to people who love tea, and prefer something better than what can be found in the grocery stores.

*** When buying premium, high-quality tea consider IF there is little to no blending, as well as gather details about the location where the tea comes from, the ages of the leaf and season when it is plucked, elevations, soil, the quality process of the farmer and grading.