Unique Client Solutions offers our clients a unique service to deal with all of their customer acquisition and campaign management needs.

Operating out of our headquarters in Sheffield city centre Unique Client Solutions manage and carry out direct sales and marketing campaigns throughout the whole Yorkshire area.

Whatever our client’s needs, we can cater to them. Our skill lies in face-to-face campaigns because we truly believe that the personal touch makes all the difference when you’re dealing with customers. How do we interact with our client’s customers? That’s really up to them, we’ve worked on campaigns that have ranged from large events at trade shows and convention centres, to business-to-business leads and of course business to consumer campaigns.

At Unique Client Solutions we have been at the centre of innovation in our field for over two years now. In such a fast changing environment as ours innovation is far more important than in most other industries. The reason that we are able to adapt on a daily basis is that we actually come into direct contact with customers and can listen to what they want. It makes it easy to report back to our clients and advise them on things that are working well and things to change.

We like to think of ourselves as being Unique in several respects.

Firstly to our clients. No-one else offers such a full service, from concept to completion.

Secondly to their customers. We are in contact with our clients’ customers all over the country and have become highly skilled in adapting our techniques to wow them wherever they are.

Thirdly in our results. Customer acquisitions is driven by results and ours are quite frankly Uniquely impressive!

The final thing that makes us Unique is that we can work across a whole range of industries. We work with specialists in telecommunications and broadband, to the entertainment field. They know their stuff and will work closely with your team to put together a truly Unique campaign for your needs.

If your company is looking to outsource their customer acquisition needs then why not contact Unique Client Solutions? Rather than having an in-house team why not leave it to the experts? You could have a cost-effective, highly adaptable team at your finger-tips in no time.

Why follow the crowd when you can be Unique?

Our goal is to provide our clients with not only quantity but also quality and meet our clients’ customer acquisition goals by creating a culture of opportunity. We seek to give people the freedom to grow and to really enjoy their work in a team-oriented, positive environment – making Unique Client Solutions an all-round successful company