This is a family owned business, located in Great Barrington/Pittsfield, MA. We are an online clothing and accessory store.
Unique Trend Line is an organization for women, and about women. We provide a "unique" collection at competitive prices. It is our mission to make women look, and by extension feel, UNIQUE. We seek to dispel the outdated notion that a woman who owns her life and femininity by being "UNIQUE" in every sense of the word relinquishes her equality. Instead we believe that part of what makes us all unique and special as women is our femininity and self confidence, and we strive to uplift and empower women by providing clothes that celebrate and honor the female form.

We work with designers and manufacturers located in  New York, LA and other fashionable locales. We choose only the best and most stylish of each of their collections to sell on our site. You'll notice that there are a lot of really "Unique" items here that you will not see elsewhere. This is because some of the items we sell are highly exclusive- meaning that the designer only produces a very limited number, usually 500 or less of the style-and once they are sold out it is never produced again. We feature more than 1000 brand new hot styles every month. So keep visiting the site often.

Unique Trend Line  features clothes ,shoes and jewelry that make you stand out . We are committed to only selling the classiest, highest quality items and this company stands behind every article of clothing that we sell with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We welcome all suggestions and comments, and we invite you to give your feedback.  
Please, visit our website www.uniquetrendline.com or contact us with any question at info@uniquetrendline.com .

Unique Trend Line: Shop reasonably and dress appropriately. Be Unique, It costs less here.


Unique Trend Line , CEO