United Field Services, Inc. is one of the most assorted and experienced providers of mortgage services in the industry. Our industry leading technology and information driven solutions support the entire portfolio life cycle, from REO Property Preservation, construction to rental renovation, notary and title abstracting. We offer services that stabilize neighborhoods and ensure that managed properties comply with all local, state, and federal agency requirements.
The Company is uniquely positioned to provide high quality property preservation services to Kentucky Housing Corporation through our various functional departments that include Vendor Management, Vendor Coordinators, Order Processors, Quality Control, Inspection and Renovation Coordinators, Bid Coordinators, and Accounting. These departments are put in place to ensure that our employees become experts through division of labor in their respective departments and that our company is able to meet and exceed all client and regulatory standards.  
We consider our vendors as partners and make every effort to ensure their success. Our network of over 800 active licensed contractors and field representatives are hired and managed through our online based vendor management system at ms.unitedffs.com that was put in place in 2013. This streamlines the application process, keeps all date sensitive records updated, and makes it easier to find the contractor closest to the property to meet turn-around time deadlines. Vendors are trained extensively through manuals and webinars. They are kept current on client-specific and industry requirements. We make sure that our vendors are always prepared and informed through continuous support to ensure the highest quality of work and results.