United Global Relief Organization 4 Welfare works around the world to stimulate the credibility of youth to become active leaders of society. Our community & leadership development programs, GCMP, CSP, CALP, & CCP improve & strengthen the life outcomes for middle & low-income families. Affiliates of United Grow are able to acquire success by receiving mentorship & guidance 24/7. All members receive range of opportunities to save money within healthcare, justice, business, career, education & family.

The GCMP is a Global Citizen Membership Program, which allows families around the world to support us financially & participate in our services.

The Community Alert Leadership Program, CALP, elects an active youth in a democratic fashion, to address the issues of his or her community & keeping the community alert with actual current events taking place globally. The CALP will be responsible for carrying out community-based CSP.

Capital & Supervision Projects, which allows creative citizens to participate in quarterly competitions with their innovative ideas for addressing community needs. Nominated CSP obtains capital funding & supervision to enhance the success of their projects using CCP.

The Career & Credibility Program is intended for young men & women to gain hands-on experience to enhance building a credible career with a concentration in a range of career fields to develop leadership & communities.